WOW! What a girl. We got so much more than we expected.

Tracy arranged the movers and went over everything with them. Next, she talked to us about things we may not need in our next space. She sold furniture we couldn’t use in our new home and made sure everything was paid for. Tracy also sold artwork, knick knacks, dishes, pots and pans. She also donated things on our behalf. Due to Covid Public Health Guidance, she made appointments with people to pick up their things. Tracy is so professional and polite. Everyone loved dealing with her.

Her work ethic is amazing. Tracy used a variety of strategies to ensure that everything we weren’t taking to our new home was either sold, donated or taken to the landfill.

Tracy took the stress out of our move. We just sat back and watched, I felt guilty she was doing all the work but she accomplished much more than we could have. She made our move stress free for us. We are so grateful to Tracy. Our friends and neighbours have called as they see people picking up furniture wanting to line her up for their own move. One of our friends is moving in 3 years and has booked House ‘n Order already! Tracy is a very rare commodity and we feel blessed to have had her do our move making our life so easy. Moving is such a big stressful job we can’t thank her enough.

(Staging; Downsizing; Managed Moves)