Managed Moves in Grey Bruce Simcoe

Managed Moves in Grey Bruce Simcoe

Let’s face it, almost everyone dreads moving. For many, the tasks involved with moving may be overwhelming, or even impossible. In many cases family may like to be helpful, but distance or other commitments makes that difficult. Managed move services takes all the worry out of the process and provides peace of mind for you and your family by taking care of the details. We are happy to be there from start to finish, or you can select the services that you need the most help with.

House ‘n Order can

  • If your move requires some downsizing, we can help you identify what to keep by creating a to-scale floor and furniture plan of your next space
  • We provide and bring the boxes and packing materials, so you don’t have to worry about having enough on hand
  • Pack boxes in order to strategically unpack, through clear labelling and prioritizing what gets unpacked when, and what room it goes to
  • Solicit estimates from professional local movers on your behalf, so you can make the best choice
  • If needed, we liaise with the relevant staff in your new home to book elevators, document signing, etc
  • On moving day, we manage the moving crew and help keep everything on track and manage any troubleshooting (if necessary)
  • Unpack in your new home, and get you partly or fully settled. We’ll hang your artworks, and fill your medicine cabinets, and even make your bed
  • We take away all the garbage and recycling after the move
  • If requested, liaise with a key family contact on your move progress

We’re happy to do all of these things for you, or select only the services you feel you need. Our in-home consultations are always free. Contact us early to arrange for your consult, which will help us estimate the costs for you.

Moving Day
The day after moving day – with a Managed Move.