Downsizing Service in Grey Bruce Simcoe

Downsizing Service in Grey Bruce Simcoe

Sometimes downsizing is a decision we make. Other times it’s a decision life has made for us. Regardless of the reason, it can be stressful. Moving in itself is a big stressor, but add to it the need to shrink your footprint and it can feel like a double-whammy. Downsizing is our specialty. Most of our clients express that the thought of it is overwhelming. Perhaps you’re thinking “I don’t know where to start.”

We understand. Thankfully, we do know where to start. We work with you, as well as your realtor (if applicable) to understand your timelines and goals. Sometimes our clients aren’t able to participate physically in this process, and that’s totally fine. We’re competent to execute the tasks from beginning to beyond moving day, depending on your needs.

Clothing sorted for downsizing move, with keep, toss, donate piles

House ‘n Order can

  • Help you identify what to keep by creating a to-scale floor and furniture plan of your next space
  • Professionally pack your belongings, and provide the packing materials
  • Identify and prioritize what’s to be unpacked when, and what room it’s to go in
  • Sell, donate or dispose of household goods that are no longer needed (100% of the proceeds of any sales go to our clients, in most cases)
  • Pack and ship items to friends or family members
  • Recommend and coordinate other services such as painters, gardeners, movers and other specialists on your behalf
  • Be your guide on moving day
  • Unpack in your new home, and help with furniture placement, picture hanging, recycling, etc.
  • Remove all garbage after unpacking
  • If requested, liaise with a key family contact on your move progress

We’re happy to do all of these things for you, or select only the services you feel you need. Our in-home consultations are always free. Contact us early to arrange for your consult, which will help us estimate the costs for you.